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PeriAcryl® 90-3 from GluStitch Inc.

Key Benefits of PeriAcryl® 90-3

PeriAcryl<sup>®</sup> 90-3 from GluStitch<sup>®</sup>

Reduce sensitivity - PeriAcryl® 90-3 acts as insulation between the root and hot and cold temperatures. This dressing will protect the inflamed gums from acidic foods and substantially reduce post procedural pain.

Achieve more reattachment - isolating the pocket from the oral environment prevents bacteria, food and cleaning activities from impairing gum reattachment.

Hemostasis - cyanoacrylates have innate hemostatic characteristics. Using pressure to compress the blood from the swollen gingiva starts the formation of the blood clot. Applying PeriArcryl® 90-3 supports clot formation and helps control minor bleeding.

Bacteriostatic - Since PeriAcryl® 90-3 is a cyanoacrylate formulation; it is naturally bacteriostatic, making it the ideal dressing for post root planing.

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What is PeriAcryl® 90-3?

PeriAcryl® 90-3 is a new formulation of PeriAcryl® 90-3, a cyanoacrylate dressing commonly used by periodontists. PeriAcryl® 90-3 is a viscous blend of N-butyl and 2-octyl cyanoacrylate that has been formulated for use after root planing. 

How does PeriAcryl® 90-3 Work?

PeriAcryl® 90-3 sets in the presence of moisture. Once applied and spread into a thin film, PeriAcryl® 90-3 will begin curing immediately. You can speed polymerization by introducing water overtop of the application using a cotton swab or water spray.

What is PeriAcryl® 90-3 indicated for?

PeriAcryl® 90-3 is indicated for protecting the root and isolating the pocket from the oral environment after root planing.

How is PeriAcryl® 90-3 Supplied?

PeriAcryl® 90-3 is made available in a 3 mL multi-use presentation and is available in clear or violet formulations. Accompanying the bottle of formulation are 25 angled pipettes and 25 disposable dishes.

Are there any other advantages?

PeriAcryl® 90-3 can be applied over an ulcer or cold sore that a patient may present with at the time of treatment. This will protect the sore and make the treatment experience more comfortable for the patient.

PeriAcryl® 90-3 Application For Pocket Isolation

GluStitch Reduce Sensitivity

"I have been using PeriAcryl for many years. It is easy to use, sets fast and always provides favorable results for both the patient and my practice. I find PeriAcryl results in less post-operative discomfort after laser periodontal surgeries, frenectomies, root planing, and incisions and allows the body to help itself heal in a more biocompatible way."


- Dr. Roberto E. DiVito
Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry

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Severe periodontitis: Sixth most prevalent health condition in the world.

In 2010, severe periodontitis was the sixth most prevalent condition in the world affecting 743 million people worldwide. - International & American Associations for Dental Research.

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