GluStitch® Twist is a CE Marked, Class IIa, sterile, topical tissue adhesive composed of a monomeric n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate formulation. GluStitch® Twist is provided in a single-use applicator packaged in a protective foil pouch. GluStitch® Twist remains liquid until it is applied to the skin and spread into a thin layer. GluStitch® Twist is intended for the topical closure of surgical skin incisions and trauma-induced lacerations in areas of low skin tension that are simple, thoroughly-cleansed, and have easily approximated skin edges. GluStitch® Twist may be used in conjunction with, but not in place of, deep dermal stitches. View more >

GluStitch Inc. is a growing and innovative supplier of purified medical/dental quality cyanoacrylates. Our mission is to provide the best indication-based cyanoacrylate formulations in the most user friendly packaging for each of our markets. Our markets include medicine, both human and animal, dentistry, and first-aid, all on domestic and international levels. We also welcome the opportunity to design custom formulations and/or specialty delivery systems for private label or individual customer

GluStitch Inc. offers an unconditional performance guarantee that all products will perform in accordance with each intended use. The Quality Management System at GluStitch Inc complies with Good Manufacturing Practices and complies with internationally recognized standards, such as ISO 13485:2003 and Annex II of the European Union Medical Device Directive and undergoes regular surveillance audits, performed both internally and via independent inspectors, to ensure Quality System compliance. GluStitch Inc. has met all requirements for CE Marking and holds valid EC Certificates.

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